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Whenever I share with friend s of mine why wilderness renewal has worked for me I emphasize that on our treks all the bad things that have happened to me and that I have caused, I now see as my path to find out who I really am. As Doc always says the joy is on the other side of the pain. So I of course do not want to minimize the wreckage I created, but looking back I have spent a lot of time in the wilderness quieting the chattering mind, and letting myself realize that I have been forgiven. I can’t go back and change the bad stuff, but instead learn and change from it as I find out who I really am.

When we have trekked through a burned out forest that goes on for hundreds of miles I often think about my life. And if you look closely you see new trees and brush growing and coming up through the ash covered ground. I think it is Mother Nature’s way to renew forests through the natural occurrence of lightning strikes that start the fire of renewal in the forest. I kind of see the last eight years of my life as a giant forest fire. I also see the hope of renewal in the forest and I see my life as much the same.

I have caused many lightning strikes in my life. I am now working with wilderness folks who are helping me understand where they came from: Sometimes from deep childhood issues, sometimes from self-esteem issues, sometimes from anger issues, sometimes from self-defeating thinking and self-defeating decisions. But as I exam all of this I am finding the true me. And finally I have found peace within, and joy without. I have now dedicated myself to contribute to other people’s happiness, and I am finding the true meaning of life. Wilderness Renewal and the team have brought me home.

Jeff DoshMay 2, 2014

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